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    Be a part of this new up and coming social platform.


    Get noticed with a crisp clean individualized web presence, as college coaches get to know you with a few simple clicks. Coaches will realize that this website can be used extensively in evaluating future prospect talent.

    We want to make it easier for athletes to showcase themselves to college coaches with an online resume. That features an in-depth look at their:

    ·       Personal information

    ·       Academic information

    ·       Pictures

    ·       Skills videos

    ·       Metrics

    ·       Game highlights

    ·       Practice Videos

    ·       Schedules and games

    ·       Social media links

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    Zoe Milonopoulos

     I am a natural leader on and off the field, and it is easy to see I am comfortable, regardless of any situation. I always encourage my teammates and help get them game-ready. 

    Dimitra Milonopoulos

    In my highlight videos you will see that I am always looking for the next play! I maintain my straight A’s and softball skills at Old Bridge HS in NJ.


    Have a new video clip or game schedule you want to upload? Our profiles are an online resume that allows each athlete to update their own profile by using their login and password. Or for a small fee, you can have one of our profile masters do it for you!

    Athletes are able to send their own personal profile out to hundreds of college coaches by copying and pasting the link in their recruiting emails. Publicly display your schedule and games so that they are searchable or with a simple link to your profile page. 

    FPP website is not a "recruiting service" paid to endorse any specific athlete. 

    “Simply awesome! They have created a simple way to find all the information I need to evaluate a player”

    James Reid

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