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#00 Dimitra Milonopoulos

Dimitra Milonopoulos class of 2024 and is currently playing on the So Cal Athletics Marinakis/ Jaquish 16u National team.  


At 5’ 8” and weighing 140 lbs. Dimitra has earned the name "The Punisher”. With a 98% throwout average, everyone on the national circuit knows that behind the plate she is a wall and able to shut down the running game with a  consistent 1.7 pop time. 


Offensively, she analyzes the field while using both sides of the plate. 


One coach that saw her in Scenic City said, “She is and extremely dangerous contact hitter that rarely strikes out. Best player for those clutch situations. That can put the ball in play or can power up and hit one to the fence.” Mid Major talent level at 15 years old!


She is as fearless at 3rd as she  is behind the plate, and lock down the left side of the infield. Eliminating the small ball game while having the ability to snare shots hit down the line or in the 5/6 hole. 

Her glove work, range and 63 MPH throwing arm locks it down at the hot corner.  

In her  highlight videos you will see that she is always looking for the next play!

Career highlights:


  • Extra Innings Softball has ranked me #42 out of 100, of the top 2024’s to follow.

  • 3x All-American

  • Greek National Team


Hero 2 DSCN6730.JPG

2024-C/3B Dimitra Milonopoulos Softball Skills Video


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Dimitra 1.7 pop time

POP trimmed


Home to 1st

Home to Home

Home to 2nd


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So Cal Dimitra HR vs Batbusters 16u

So Cal Dimitra HR vs Batbusters 16u

16 So Cal Dimitra Play at Plate vs Indiana Bombers

16 So Cal Dimitra 2nd base back pick vs Wisconsin Lightning

16u So Cal Dimitra slips single in Scenic City All Star Game

High School

Hero 3 tcspark-u-903-be-182.jpg

Donovan Freshman Dimitra picks off runner after block stealing 3rd vs Toms River North

Donovan Freshman Dimitra triple vs Livingston

Donovan Freshman Dimitra 2 pick offs

Donovan Freshman Dimitra throws out runner at 2nd vs St. Dominic

Dimitra Milonopoulos


Kostas Marinakis



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