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#27 Zoe Milonopoulos

Zoe plays for So Cal Athletics Marinakis/ Jaquish 16u National team.


At 5’ 7’’ and weighing 150 lbs, she is right-handed, number 3 power-hitting shortstop with excellent range.


On offense, Zoe is known for her presence and power and usually bats in the in the 3 hole and will either put it out or drives the ball into the gaps. Aggressive on the bases, she’s a threat to score every time she gets on. 

She is considered one of the best 16U players in the Northeast. with a bat exit speed that has been measured at over 70 mph and overhand arm velocity at 68 mph. 


Defensively, she makes the hardest plays look simple and has the fielding skills to go deep into the 5/6 hole and throw out even the fastest of runners.  Her reputation spread quickly, and she garnered the respect of top teams

Aggressive and athletic; combine that, with a high softball IQ.  You will see that she has a passion for the “play”, that is good for at least one Sports Center highlight a game.


Career highlights:


  • 2x Extra Innings Softball has ranked her in the top 50 out of 100, of the top 2024’s to follow.

  • 3x All-American

  • Greek National Team



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Overhand Velo

Bat Exit Velo

Home to 1st

Home to 2nd

Home to Home

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2024-SS/3B Zoe Milonopoulos Softball Skills Video


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Zoe makes Jeter throw vs NC Elite 16u

Zoe HR vs Alabama Impact 16u

16u Zoe HR vs Iowa Elite 16u

Zoe flip to Dimitra vs Alabama Impact 16u

Zoe makes an incredible catch behind 3rd vs Miss Bombers 16u

Zoe with a spinning throw just misses play at 1st

Zoe makes diving play vs KC Peppers 16u

High School

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Donovan Freshman Zoe HR vs Lacey

Donovan Freshman Zoe HR vs Barnagat

Donovan Freshman Zoe 3 RBI Double vs Jackson Liberty

Freshman Donovan Zoe gets lead runner vs Mt. St. Dominic

Freshman Donovan Zoe turns 2 vs ICHS

Zoe Milonopoulos


Kostas Marinakis



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